American Made Premium Pistol & Rifle Targets

Multi Drill Targets designs and produces pistol and rifle shooting targets that offer unique training opportunities for shooting enthusiasts of all experience levels. Many of our targets offer multiple training exercises to the shooter in one target at a reasonable cost. The range targets are printed on coated stock for greater durability and visibility of shot placement. We develop pistol targets for indoor and outdoor use. Our heavier paper offers a more stable platform for outdoor ranges where windy or rainy conditions create challenges.

Our targets are designed and produced in South Carolina using American labor and expertise. The paper for all of our targets is 20% post-consumer waste and can be recycled.

Our X3 Pistol targets come in black and pink and feature an IDPA scaled silhouette complete with “bowling pin” inset and cranial ocular targeting areas. The silhouette is enhanced with six small numbered shapes and two upper bulls-eye plates for other speed, accuracy, and responsive drills.

We have created a set of shooting drills for use with several of our target lineups. Please download and print out a copy from the link on this page, take it to the range and watch your skills improve.

PLEASE NOTE: These drills are for a safe range environment only and should not be attempted without the permission of the Range Safety Officer at your range.

Multi Drill Targets is continuing to develop new targets for recreational and competitive shooters as well as customized branded targets for commercial ranges, gun shops, and clubs. Please check back often for future target designs or contact us for a free consultation on a custom target for your organization.

Premium Pistol & Rife Targets

Custom Targets