Blue Haven Ballistics Turret Test Target – 3 pack

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One of the most important steps in setting up a Precision Rifle for duty, hunting or just target shooting is to test the scope to ensure the turrets are dialing properly and that the scope is set vertical in the rings. The best way to do this is to perform a turret test using a long target set up for such a test.

At Blue Haven Ballistics, we have developed a standard target that is easy to use, produced on a durable coated paper stock to withstand the elements and provide clean hits without degrading the material.

Blue Haven Ballistics is a non-profit corporation that focuses on education and training in firearms for Law Enforcement, Security and Civilian Enthusiasts. Our course fees are structured to minimally cover the cost of guest instructors, range officers, supplies, materials, copies, targets and range maintenance.

To learn more, visit or reach out to Chip at or by phone at 843-860-1406

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