The Complete Combatant Target – 25 Pack

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Brian Hill of the Complete Combatant is one of our country’s most highly trained and skilled instructors. A student of the Martial Arts for most of his life, he is also one of the most credentialed and accomplished national traveling firearms instructors out there.

The Complete Combatant has designed, or selected, several challenges to help the armed citizen improve critical skills of armed defense. Brian’s target combines multiple elements on one cohesive platform so that students and practitioners can run Brian’s unique set of drills – all on this target. We invite you to practice these drills to form a basis of practice and metric to measure your improvement. Challenges can be found here:

Visit to learn more about The Complete Combatant, their team, hosting opportunities, and their current course schedule. You can also get to know Brian Hill a little more personally on his YouTube channel. Click HERE and subscribe! As always MEASURE. REFINE. PERFORM.

Target Specs:

Full Size – 23″ x 35″ * 60 lb. White Paper * Triangles: 1 inch for zeroing

Circles: 2 inches * Rectangles: 2 inches x 4 inches * Ant Logos: 3 inches

Head Circle: 4 inches * Bullseye: Standard B8 * Silhouette: USPSA Scaled

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